Mass Trapping

Trapping & Monitoring for Smarter Pest Management

Before deploying any integrated pest management system, you must first gain a strong understanding of the population dynamics of the insects affecting your crops

Gronic’s insect Trapping & Monitoring systems can help you assess insect activity and gain population estimates so you can which identify trap and semiochemicals formulation to use, where to position traps and how many to use in a specific area

How Does Mass Trapping Works?

This technique is based on strategically placing number of traps. Each one contains an attractant and/or pheromone specific to the species to be controlled, but also a small dose of insecticide which, located inside the trap, acts on the pest in a way that is safe for the crops

This way, the crop can be protected by eliminating a high proportion of individuals using an environmentally-friendly method without adverse effects on the health of the producer or the end consumer

Benefits of Mass trapping

Target the Right Insects

Learn exactly which species of insects are living among your crops

Get Population Estimates

Gather information on population density and distribution

Know When to Deploy Solutions

Understand what times in the season insects are most actively targeting your crops—and the effect the control measure had on the population.

Safe for humans & the environment

Environmentally-friendly method without adverse effects on the health of the producer or the end consumer

Our Mass Trapping Products

Sticky Trap

We offer both dry and wet sticky boards in the colors yellow, white, blue and orange with a grid design either as polyethylene (PE) coated card or high impact polystyrene (HIPS)
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Delta Trap

Our delta traps come flat packed and are heat welded to ensure durability. A textile tie is provided for hanging and an optional lure cage is also available for a small additional cost on request.
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McPhail Trap

Our durable trap consists of two parts; a lid containing a lure cage and a lower bucket with funnel entrance. Moreover, liquid lures can be used in this trap
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Our Unitraps are a better option than the delta trap when trapping in dusty conditions and when the moth pests are particularly large ( Spodoptera species)
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Our Conetrap is Ease of use as assembling takes 10 to 15 seconds per trap. When folded, transport volume (200 units per package) and transport costs are reduced. Moreover, it’s ideal to be used with dry attractants
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Palm Trap

This trap is specially designed for monitoring and mass trapping of the Red Palm Weevil Rhynchophorus ferrugineus
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